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My 5 Likables and Unlikables June 30, 2009

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This is Tru-Luv Rabbitry tagging β€œthing” which the starter call it the Likables vs the Unlikables. Those tagged must list down 5 of their most unlikable and 5 most likable things/events/happenings in their bunyard or rabbitry.

Gonna take a little times to think πŸ™‚ …


1. The moments Choychoy flop down & yawning then fall in sleep.

2. A welcoming toes lick from Choychoy and she jump up in the air and twist her body when she see us back home.

3. The way Choychoy shows her temper by tossing her toys & pushing away her favourite soft-toy ‘bear’.

4. The way she demand for patting with innocent look, gazing longingly at us.

5. She amazed us with bunny’s F1 lap & binky at the end of F1 lap :mrgreen:


1. Most of the time Choychoy have to stay inside her cage in stead of free run when we go for vocation.

2. Wee in front of the door when she get frustrated especially her demands are not fulfilled / rejected.

3. Growling at me when I’m cleaning her smelly toilet box.

4. Crazed biting & digging on the bed when she is unnoticed.

5. Insisted of biting wire even being scolded when she is angry.

Choychoy has a bad temper, however, her bad temper sometimes did amused us & make us smile. πŸ˜€

What? What U want? Don't disturb me.

What? What U want? Don't disturb me.


Veggie day June 20, 2009

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Huuhh, finally I get a little time to blog, relax…

Veggie day is always Choychoy’s favourite time

Really?? For me?

Really?? For me?

Such a greedy Choy. Her tiny mouth is filled with veggie πŸ˜€



Oww, last big piece veggie!

Oww, last big piece veggie!