Joyful moments with a happy rabbit…

Guam, Our Sweet Memory September 27, 2009

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Our sweet memory in Guam…


Our vows

White arrow chapel

Tamuning bay view from guest room

Following day, we rent a car driving around the island.

Northern beach in Guam

Northern beach in Guam

Deep blue sea water...

Deep blue sea water...

On the other hand, in Malaysia…

Momm... Daadd... When u come back?

Momm... Daadd... When u come back?


Rabbit To-House in Taiwan September 25, 2009

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During our vacation in Taiwan, we went to a restaurant “To-House” in Dan-Sui (八里 淡水), Taipei. It took us 1 hour to find the way to the ‘To-House” restaurant under 36C degree hot sun. Huhh, thank God we found it eventually 🙂 There are approximately 20 rabbits in the restaurant, attracting lots of rabbit lovers. The restaurant has 3 areas consists of main hall, does garden & bucks garden. It’s an amazing experience sharing the joy with rabbit lovers & watching funny interaction between bunnies 😀

Main hall:

Copy of P1010643

Copy of P9060162

Does garden:

Copy of P9060153

Copy of P1010584

Copy of P9060151

Bucks garden:

Copy of P1010548

Copy of P1010550

There is a giant rabbit named “A-Gui”. She is the Queen of To-House, also the eldest & the most famous among the host rabbits. She is friendly & has good tempered although she looks huugge 😯

Copy of P1010538

Hello, my name is "A-Gui" (阿貴)

A-Gui is very gentle, never get angry no matter how u carry her :smile:

I'm very gentle, never get angry, no matter how people carry me 🙂

A-Gui can lie still like this for very long time :grin:

Let's see my trick. I can lie still like this for very loong time 😀

Host rabbits-bunnies photo shots:

Copy of P1010531

Am I look like Elnino of Fluffies? But... I'm a girl.

Copy of P1010540

Hey, wake up! People is taking our cute photos.

Copy of P1010546

Huuhh, I need to get away from hot sun.

Copy of P1010547

Welcome to wooden shelter in bucks' area.

Copy of P1010565

Alright, this thing got my smell.

Copy of P1010575

It's our lazy afternoon.

Copy of P1010589

Huh? Empty tank?

Copy of P9060150

Is this pose 'ok'? Make it quick, I wanna groom myself now.

Copy of P1010560

Please be careful when u move ur chair, I might be lying under ur seat.

Visitor rabbits-bunnies:

Choychoy in Taiwan??? No, she is Taiwanese "bpong-bpong" :grin:

Hi there. I'm Taiwanese "bpong-bpong", not Choy-sumthing.

Rabbits' interaction, making new friends

Can I be your friend, miss "brownie"? :mrgreen:

Erkm, I prefer alone...

Erkm, leave me alone...

Rabbits' hide & seek :smile:

Come on, I bet u will never get me 🙂

Wonderful place, wonderful day!!!