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Body check-up 2009 December 30, 2009

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It’s time for Choychoy to have body check-up.

Just before heading to vet’s clinic, I gonna collect a few drops of Choy’s ‘poops’ & syringe 0.5ml of her ‘pees’:

Fresh 'poops' & 'pees' 😀

While waiting outside the treatment room, Choychoy kept staring at the room’s door. Anxious to meet vet, huh? 🙂

When's my turn? Are we gonna have pedicure & manicure again?

Come to Choychoy’s turn:

Hello, Dr., nice to meet u again.

Oww, I have never seen that thing before? New thing for nail-trimming?

Urine test result was out. Yay, it’s normal 😀

Choy’s urine contains a little amount of protein but it’s normal for rabbits. The pH is slightly alkaline. Emm, I think it may be due to our drinking water are filtered & ionized by alkaline water machine.

Urine test for pH, proteinuria, leukocyte, erythrocyte, nitrate etc. with color indicators

Choychoy is focusing on her favorite vet all the time:

I heard u, doc. This thing is more sensitive & specific to test proteinuria.

Choychoy gave the vet a full cooperation without any struggling or frustration. On auscultation, Choy’s lung & heart are clear without additional sounds. Finally, on palpation of the abdomen, both ovaries are normal in size &  no tenderness & no lump.

In conclusion, Choychoy is healthy :mrgreen:

I knew it, I got no problem. Please explain to mom.

New Year 2010 is coming. Wish every bunnies are always in pink & healthy & happy.



Choy protested against my busy work December 13, 2009

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For the past 2 months, the works are really making me ‘mad’ & extremely tired… I spent less time with Choychoy. The little bunny was in stress & isolated herself in one corner 😦

Mommy's neglecting me these days... 😥

What r u doing these days, mom?

I'm feeling bluuee 😦

No... I gonna hide & wait here till mommy come back home...

Owww… My poor little girl. The thought of giving up this job is floating in my mind 😕