Joyful moments with a happy rabbit…

Young Choychoy December 23, 2008

4 months old Choychoy

4 months old Choychoy

6 months old Choychoy

6 months old Choychoy

    In November 2006, I accidentally pass by a pet shop before heading to a restaurant few doors away. Somehow I was attracted by these furry baby bunnies. They were staying close to each other inside a large size cage. However, I was undecided wheather I manage to keep one of the rabbits.

    2 months after, I went back to the same pet shop in January 2007 looking for those baby bunnies. During that time, 10 baby bunnies become 3, 2 are brownie in color & the other 1 is Choychoy. She was staying on the other edge of the cage alone and keeping awake in the sunny afternoon. Finally, I brought the 3 months old Choychoy back from the pet shop. Besides, I’m thankful that the shop owner able to differentiate that Choychoy is a girl 🙂 as some of the pet shop owners in these area unable to differentiate the gender of the little bunny.

    The photos above are the only 2 I had taken when Choyhcoy was young 😦 I’m really regret that didn’t take as much photos as I can when she was young. Now, the time is pass & could never bring back 😦


One Response to “Young Choychoy”

  1. thefluffies Says:

    Wow! Choychoy, u look very comfortable in your bed! I wish The Fluffies know how to use it but they will only pee on it!

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